A little about us


My Little Greek Deli is owned and operated by Apostolos (Paul), his wife Betty, and their son Christos. A family-owned business, we believe that customers are the most important part of the restaurant, because without them, we have nothing. This is the belief we follow at My Little Greek Deli.

Authentic Greek Cuisine

Apostolos (Paul) follows family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation to create a place where authentic Greek cuisine is served. In addition to oregano, mint, dill, and basil is used to provide a truly Mediterranean zest to the dishes he makes.

The family


Born and raised in Greece, Paul came to America looking to support his family and pursue his love of cooking. After decades of hard work and dedication, he opened My Little Greek Deli, finally fulfilling his dreams.


Born in Ecuador and serving as a stewardess on Ecuadorian Airlines, Betty is a professional in the service industry, and a proud, energetic owner of My Little Greek Deli.


The son of Paul and Betty, Christos is a student in hospitality and business at FIU, and exercises it at the restaurant. He controls the floor, speaking 3 languages fluently, and providing great service to anyone who walks through the door.


Betty's sister-in-law, Cindy is a large helping hand at the restaurant and was right behind the family when they were about to start the restaurant, providing support every step of the way.


Assistant cook at the restaurant, as well as a longtime friend of Paul, and Yumaris's husband.


Cindy's daughter, and a great help to the My Little Greek Deli family.


A close and resourceful friend of the family.


Alain's brother, was a big help when starting the deli, and is still a big help maintaining the deli.


His wife has been working for the family for many years.